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And Now for Something Completely Different

Recently I was proud to become a founding member of Canoe Camping Ottawa.    I write articles on occasion for CCO and yesterday I started a four part article on canoe camping with kids.  I am neither an expert canoeist, nor expert at camping with kids, but I have done a lot of both.  My three children are now grown up.  The youngest is an enthusiastic  kayaker and her brothers both enjoy being active and being active in the outdoors.  One likes to hike and cycle and the other likes downhill skiing.

I mention the article because it reflects my philosophy as a parent and a teacher; children should be encouraged to learn with their mentor even if it slows things down.  Whenever possible, children should learn to do useful things and be expected to do them once they are skilled enough.  Children should take on responsibility for their behaviour and safety as they become capable of it.  A child who is raised this way will not lack for self esteem.

To read this article go to canoecampingottawa.ca

The site is on my list of random links so if you wish to check back for the next three sections, just click on the link for Canoe Camping Ottawa.  A new section should be posted each Sunday.