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If you have done a fair bit of canoe camping yourself, then you already know how to do this for yourself.  The only difference is that children can chill quickly .

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THUMP, SCREAM, SPLASH: SAFETY Part three of Camping with Kids

The very first thing that keeps a child safe is the child’s competence in her environment and her ability to stay calm and think.  What is important is that your children learn not to panic, to rescue themselves first and help others without putting themselves in danger.

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Guess Who Is Stronger in Math?

Is he better at math?

Is she better at math?

Two articles on a subject dear to my heart: the first is a summary by a journalist, the second is the original academic article.  Before you get excited, remember that the plural of anecdote is not evidence.  I think that applies to academic articles, too. Click on the links for the articles

Written by a Journalist

From io9

There really is no difference between men and women’s math abilities

By Alasdair Wilkins

Written by two academics

From the pages of Notices of the American Mathematical Society

JANUARY 2012 NOTICES OF THE AMS            10         VOLUME 59, NUMBER 1

 Debunking Myths about Gender and Mathematics Performance

Jonathan M. Kane and Janet E. Mertz

The Notices is the world’s most widely read magazine aimed at professional mathematicians.

As the membership journal of the American Mathematical Society, the Notices is sent to the approximately 30,000 AMS members worldwide, one-third of whom reside outside the United States. It appears monthly except for a combined June/July issue in the summer.

By publishing high-level exposition, the Notices provides opportunities for mathematicians and students of mathematics to find out what is going on in the field. Each issue contains one or two such expository articles that describe current developments in mathematical research, written by professional mathematicians. The Notices also carries articles on the history of mathematics, mathematics education, and professional issues facing mathematicians, as well as reviews of books, plays, movies, and other artistic and cultural works involving mathematics. Members keep abreast of official AMS reports, activities, and actions, and the news of the mathematical world, through articles the Notices.

OOO GROSS! Part Two of Camping with Kids: Feeding Them.

Go to for the second part of Camping with Kids.  Feeding kids can be a challenge on a camping trip: either they will think all those beans and rice are gross or they will be permanently hungry.  Here are some things that might help.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Recently I was proud to become a founding member of Canoe Camping Ottawa.    I write articles on occasion for CCO and yesterday I started a four part article on canoe camping with kids.  I am neither an expert canoeist, nor expert at camping with kids, but I have done a lot of both.  My three children are now grown up.  The youngest is an enthusiastic  kayaker and her brothers both enjoy being active and being active in the outdoors.  One likes to hike and cycle and the other likes downhill skiing.

I mention the article because it reflects my philosophy as a parent and a teacher; children should be encouraged to learn with their mentor even if it slows things down.  Whenever possible, children should learn to do useful things and be expected to do them once they are skilled enough.  Children should take on responsibility for their behaviour and safety as they become capable of it.  A child who is raised this way will not lack for self esteem.

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